As and when the observations, feelings, questions, and ruminations come together and coalesce into cohesive insights and reflections about life and the world, they appear here as #Tuesday2cents.

Zen fruit

One day a buyer called me a Zen fruit. I said, yes, yes! I am full of paradox. I call into question many of the assumptions people have.I have rough green exterior with bubbly scales, perfected over centuries. The result is a fine sculptural art form. While I may not

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Purpose of business

Some weeks ago, more than 180 CEO’s of major U.S. corporations signed a statement stating companies have a commitment to all stakeholders and not just to the shareholders. The declaration was received with much scepticism, as some of the very corporations because of their sole commitment to increasing shareholder value

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Source of Power

We have two dogs. Sheru (Lion), bigger and older. Dezzy small, young and has only 3 legs. They both have their respective sleeping mats. Sheru’s mat is right outside the back door. Few days ago, early morning I heard some growling. I opened the door and saw Dezzy sitting on

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Team Building

A senior executive called me to see if nu-i could help with team building activity on the third day of his 3-day offsite. When I asked why team building activity, he said everyone’s working in silos, interpersonal relationships are toxic and there is no common focus. I felt his frustration

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Feel your vision

Think and feel what you truly want to have. Not what you will do. Because achieving vision requires hard work, we instinctively think of action. Visualise your aspiration in detail. In painting vividly what we want and what will be seen, we feel the emotions the vision generates. Emotions fuel

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Do you pray?

Many of us pray. Colleague of mine, who claims to be an atheist, once confessed that he prays to god when he is faced with a difficult situation. Some see prayer as an act of seeking help. Some see it as calling for an intervention from a higher power when

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