Do you pray?

Many of us pray. Colleague of mine, who claims to be an atheist, once confessed that he prays to god when he is faced with a difficult situation. Some see prayer as an act of seeking help. Some see it as calling for an intervention from a higher power when things are not going as desired.

I see prayer as the “action before action”. When we conduct a planning session to implement a complex project, we are praying over that project. When we create a blueprint for a house, we are praying over that home. When we plan a meeting thoroughly well, we are praying over the meeting. When we prepare to give feedback to a team member, we are indeed praying over our colleague. Intentional and care-filled preparation for any activity, is nothing but a prayer. It is a sacred activity. It is not act of desperation. It is the most necessary action, before the action.

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