Purpose of business

Some weeks ago, more than 180 CEO’s of major U.S. corporations signed a statement stating companies have a commitment to all stakeholders and not just to the shareholders. The declaration was received with much scepticism, as some of the very corporations because of their sole commitment to increasing shareholder value contribute to the many global issues we face today. However, the announcement should be welcomed as an early sign of an awareness, that the purpose of a business is not only about profits.

I believe, among other factors, many employees are catalysing the new consciousness. They are not content with just a pay-check. They want to know what their employer is doing about addressing the climate crisis or the issue of diversity and inclusion. They want to be part of an ethically governed and socially responsible organisation. They are not happy just working hard and giving their best, so that some people can get enormously rich.
Private sector organisations have some of the best human, technological and financial assets. This gives them an incredible power to make a positive contribution to common good. How is your organisation impacting the world? What is your organisation’s higher purpose? Start the dialogue. Raise the awareness.

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