Team Building

A senior executive called me to see if nu-i could help with team building activity on the third day of his 3-day offsite. When I asked why team building activity, he said everyone’s working in silos, interpersonal relationships are toxic and there is no common focus.

I felt his frustration but chose to deliver the unpleasant good news. 

Once a year team building activities do not build teams. It is like checking into a wellness spa for a week. One does not transform suddenly into a healthy person. When all the other days reinforce poor, toxic team habits, rowing a boat or climbing a rock whole day, do not magically align a team.

Team alignment happens with WHAT we do and HOW we do them EVERYDAY. Meetings we hold, learning sessions we conduct, decisions we make, every communication and interaction we have– all provide opportunities to build aligned teams. Stories we tell, rituals we practice, events we celebrate, strengthen team bonds. Clear responsibilities and transparent accountability norms build more trust than any number of trust walks in the jungle.

The magic formula for aligned teams is hidden in doing the everyday activities consciously. I said nu-i could help create those important leadership habits and rituals.

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