Source of Power

We have two dogs. Sheru (Lion), bigger and older. Dezzy small, young and has only 3 legs. They both have their respective sleeping mats. Sheru’s mat is right outside the back door. Few days ago, early morning I heard some growling. I opened the door and saw Dezzy sitting on Sheru’s mat and growling. Sheru was standing beyond, looking helpless. I decided not to interfere and came back in. Sheru followed me into the house. He usually does not come into the house. Soon Dezzy followed him. That very moment the old and slow Sheru darted out the door and sat on his mat. He had successfully grabbed his position.

For many of us the source of power is that mat. Be it our title, our position, our level or our inheritance. It gives us the authority and the power to growl. People obey us. We get things done.

But what is given or conferred, also can be taken away. The source of true power lies inside. Our deep beliefs, our sense of purpose and our behaviours emanating from a set of core human values give us the real power. And that, cannot be taken away. Nelson Mandela’s jailer once had said, the prisoner in that solitary cell had more power on us than any one of us who had the keys to his cell.

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