Feel your vision

Think and feel what you truly want to have. Not what you will do. Because achieving vision requires hard work, we instinctively think of action.

Visualise your aspiration in detail. In painting vividly what we want and what will be seen, we feel the emotions the vision generates. Emotions fuel action. 

Vision moves through three stages: we see it in our mind’s eye, we experience it in our being, then we act on it. Vision in the first instance is not action. It is an image of conviction and a deep emotion.

Vision without that emotion or passion is a distraction.

Instead of “I want to build a beautiful house by the river”, see and experience that house, visualise the flowing water, hear the birds, inhale the fresh air, smell the paint on the walls. When we feel the joy, excitement, sense of pride – we are energised. Stronger the emotion, deeper the imprint in our being. Greater the drive.

When you want to enlist someone to a vision, paint what will be seen in full colour. Help others see what you are seeing. Let everyone fully experience the emotions that vision evokes. Jumping into action early, will only generate fatigue. 

When we see and feel the vision in our whole being, it is already on its way to becoming a reality.

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