As and when the observations, feelings, questions, and ruminations come together and coalesce into cohesive insights and reflections about life and the world, they appear here as #Tuesday2cents.

Where are you from?

In the course of my consulting work, I meet a lot of new people. After the initial pleasantries, there is always the question, ‘’Where are you from?” I usually say I am from Nucleus Insights. To my retort they say, “No, I want to know where you are from”. A

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Intelligent disobedience

Recently I watched a documentary on guide dogs. Many visually impaired and elderly people depend on guide dogs to get around safely and live independently. Guide dogs go through rigorous training and tests to prepare them for their role. I was moved seeing how a dog transforms into a trustworthy

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Alignment and Attunement

Watching a school of Sardines move is mesmerising. Many thousands travel together with speed and grace. Suddenly they can change direction and stay intact. Sardines showcase alignment and attunement beautifully. An orchestra performance also shows alignment and attunement. While each individual player plays a specific instrument, all pay attention to

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True Transformation

Organisations launch many transformation initiatives. But often we do not transform. At best only change. To be truly transformational, the change must happen on two dimensions: Outer and the Inner. The external dimension is what we see and do. The new policies, structures, systems, processes, practices. They institutionalise the new

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Why celebrate a birthday?

Everyday millions of people celebrate birthdays. Many look forward to the celebration. What do we really celebrate, when we mark a birthday? Here are three things we can highlight when we celebrate someone’s birthday. Birthday is a time to celebrate the fact that each of us is unrepeatable. In all

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Employee Engagement

Organisations want more employee engagement. HR is busy planning informal gatherings, competitions, CSR activities and team parties. Employee engagement is translated into Engagement for Employees. What is lost is Engaging with the Employees. In our programs with managers, instead of sitting around talking about engagement, we get each manager to

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