Why celebrate a birthday?

Everyday millions of people celebrate birthdays. Many look forward to the celebration. What do we really celebrate, when we mark a birthday? Here are three things we can highlight when we celebrate someone’s birthday.

Birthday is a time to celebrate the fact that each of us is unrepeatable. In all human history, there was never another one like you and there never will be another one. Ever. It is like, after the birth of every individual the mould is melted down so that there would never be another same as the other. Each one of us is unrepeatable. Isn’t that astonishing?

Everyone from the very moment of existence lives and experiences life in her own distinctive way. Making sense of every experience, every emotion and constructing myriad possibilities of being human. Why not celebrate that reality? How each person reveals a million shades of humanness.

Each of us is a repository of unique perspectives and talents. Nature desires no redundancy. Every one of us is like a single piece that is required to complete a giant planetary jigsaw puzzle. Evolutionary progress depends on our one of a kind offering.

Next time when cutting a cake or blowing a candle, remember that you are unrepeatable, unique and in your own way central to human advancement.

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