True Transformation

Organisations launch many transformation initiatives. But often we do not transform. At best only change.

To be truly transformational, the change must happen on two dimensions: Outer and the Inner.

The external dimension is what we see and do. The new policies, structures, systems, processes, practices. They institutionalise the new way of doing.

The inner dimension has to do with the thinking. It deals with the “Why we do What we do”- knowing the higher purpose of change. It also has to do with the shift in beliefs, mental models and the mindsets that guide the behaviour. This is fundamental for the success of the outer dimension.

Most organisations start with the outer and assume the inner shift will happen gradually when forced to do things in a certain way. They presume somehow everyone will become aware of the purpose and the new mental models will form organically. When little attention is paid to the inner, transformation initiatives generate fatigue, frustration and scepticism. They give limited outcomes.

If you are responsible for change, big or small, start by articulating and communicating the Why. Provide the larger context and affect the thinking. Change, then has the potential to be transformational. 

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