Reservoir of energy

All of us have seen people who are physically very active, intellectually vibrant and have a tireless ability to connect. Nothing seems to stop them. We have also seen people with low energy, who get exhausted quickly both internally and externally. I am sure many of us have also experienced moments of high and low energy. What is the source of endless energy?

Vast reservoir of energy can exist in each of us,  and tap into it anytime we want. Like any reservoir, if we only draw from it and do not replenish, the reservoir can go dry. Our life’s purpose is the secret source that replenishes and continually expands our reservoir.

However, if the life purpose is all about “ME and Myself ‘’, the energy pool is small and can go dry soon. If the life purpose is beyond the self – family, extended family – the pool is bigger. If the life purpose includes the community, the nation, the world, the future, the long-term- the reservoir is endless.

The depth and the breadth of our energy pool is directly proportional to the radius of our circle of concern. People who make their life purpose beyond their own self, and about the larger world and about tomorrow, draw from an infinite pool of energy. 

What is the radius of your circle of concern?

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