Power of Blessings

At my parents’ home, we had evening prayers. At the end of the prayers, all of us went around seeking blessings from everyone. When we had guests or during a family event, the blessings took lot longer.

As a kid, I could sense the blessing ritual was an important practice but wondered whether these blessings made any material difference. One day I asked my mother. She said, contrary to my perception, everything that I have and would ever have, was a product of my efforts as well as

the result of the blessings received from people known and unknown, present and those gone before, also from the blessings of the sun, stars, trees, wind, birds, flowers, and the rain.

Ever since, I believe what we have in our lives is not just the outcome of our hard work, but also is the result of innumerable blessings that we receive every day.

Thinking of this truth about life, I realised my blessings make a difference to others lives. If I desire that my blessings make a positive impact, each blessing needs to be an intentional act, bestowed in the spirit of graceful generosity. They need to channel the purest of intention.

Blessing is the ritual of sharing the universal bounty of goodness. When thoughtful and generous, our blessings become powerful beyond measure. #blessings #Tuesday2cents

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