Pause to enrich

‘’Despite work from home, there is no dip in productivity, most tasks are getting done’’.

When I hear this common refrain, I recall my days growing up on a farm.

Our farm was blessed with abundant water and sun. Which meant we could grow three crops of rice a year. Yet we grew only two crops of rice. The third crop was always a variety of legumes. Once the pods were harvested the plants were cut and ploughed into the soil along with their rich roots.

Consistent good harvest required fertile soil, which meant the soil had to be enriched regularly. That is why the legumes were grown, sacrificing the more lucrative rice and the plants ploughed in to enrich the soil. Additional compost was also added.

I feel happy when I hear that there is no loss of productivity. I am also concerned for the long-term. I know organisations are now harvesting the fruits of the investments that were once made in mentoring people, building teams and instilling a shared vision. Overtime the soil which is giving this rich harvest can be exhausted. Those who have a team to manage or an organisation to lead, need to look beyond the tasks and ponder how to grow the ‘’legumes” in the new environment, such that a rich crop can be harvested despite the changes in the conditions.

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