New form of the organisation

Companies are considering many of their employees to continue to ‘’work from home’’. They list many benefits.

This is an opportunity to create the new form of the organisation.

Often, when the new requires thinking through, the operations, business and the technology areas get the most attention. However, when the fundamentals shift, innovating the social forms of the organisation too becomes important. What does meaningful engagement look like? What form does the organisation affinity take? What are the rituals and practices that inculcate and reinforce the desired operating culture? When the new becomes routine, when the initial excitement dies and the fatigue sets in, irrespective of the great technological and operational breakthroughs, neglected social and human factors can derail the train.

One of the profound functions of any organisation is to provide an environment where people can grow. People grow when their awareness is expanded, capabilities are developed, and are challenged to take greater responsibility. The inner and outer growth requires authentic human interaction and the membership of a caring community.


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