Going on a Pilgrimage

Every year many around the world choose to go on a pilgrimage. While the actual nature of the pilgrimage may vary, we can observe some common themes.

Pilgrimage involves travelling to a sacred place. The place holds special meaning for the pilgrim. Journey can be arduous and long. Pilgrims take very few material possessions with them as anything that is for pleasure or comfort can come in the way of true experience. Finally, a pilgrim’s journey is a solitary one. Even when there is a group of pilgrims travelling together, each one is alone, with oneself.

While a pilgrim is travelling to a sacred place, there is an equally arduous journey happening in parallel. A journey inward. To a sacred space inside. The outer world expedition is nothing but a medium to undertake this inner journey. As the physical body endures the tough moments, the inner self too finds itself negotiating the difficult terrain of the interior to reach the real destination. Here too the attachments can come in the way. A true pilgrimage is all about going inward to the sacred inside.

Whether we go on a physical pilgrimage or not, we must regularly journey inward and return to this world with a sense of meaning and peace. What is your ritual for an inner pilgrimage?

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