Corona virus

Coronavirus is dominating the news. Every day we are surprised to see the virus raising its head in a new place. It is teaching us some important truths about life.

#Everythingisinterconnected. What started off as a health issue soon has become a socio-economic and political issue. It has affected tourism, travel, financial markets, manufacturing, trade and pretty much everything. It has exposed government’s and organisation’s inability to handle a crisis. Even the Olympics are in question. Nothing is untouched.

#Therearenoboundaries. Many of us sat back around the world and thought this was a problem in China. Then it became a South East Asia problem. Then the virus was spotted in other parts of the world. Soon it became a global issue. To the surprise of scientists some of the cases had no origin to China or to other known sources. This virus has transcended all the divisions and the boundaries. It needs no passport or visa to travel.

There is a #leadershiplesson here: No one is safe or secure unless all are safe and secure. If there is a problem in one part of the system, it impacts the whole. Only way to deal with an issue effectively is to collaborate across boundaries and be willing to see how each part is contributing to the situation.


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