Alignment and Attunement

Watching a school of Sardines move is mesmerising. Many thousands travel together with speed and grace. Suddenly they can change direction and stay intact.

Sardines showcase alignment and attunement beautifully.

An orchestra performance also shows alignment and attunement. While each individual player plays a specific instrument, all pay attention to each other and together they create beautiful music.

Alignment is everyone moving in the same direction. Attunement is everyone moving in the same direction, together in harmony.

Alignment is achieved by having shared vision and priorities. Attunement is created by continually rehearsing the deeper purpose that holds everyone together.

While alignment requires focus, attunement calls for awareness. Alignment is the activity of lining up in common direction, attunement is sensing and moving in sync with the other. While alignment can be measured by the collaboration and the results achieved, the strong invisible ties that bind the team reveal the depth of attunement. Alignment is seen, attunement is experienced.

Aligned teams deliver results. Aligned and attuned teams have the power to perform miracles.

Here is a link to a blog by Sangeeta Sundaram which gives more details on how to create attunement

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